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Welcome to Misters Inkas Accommodation & Conference Center located in the beautiful and ancient Inka city of Cusco.

We offer our guests two Housing in Cusco: Mister Inkas Exclusive Palace “Palace Koricancha” y Mister Inkas Exclusive Selection “ Manco Capac Palace” and as soon as possible Mister Inkas Sacred Valley ; in the sacred valley of Inkas “The ideal rest of INKA”.

Both of our accommodatios in Cusco have all the services and a large infrastructure to make your stay the best and you enjoy the best service that makes you feel at home.

Both housing are located within the historic center of Cusco, just minutes walk from the Main Square, famous museums, churches, Inca palaces and shopping and entertainment area of the city of Cusco.

Our goal is to serve our customers, not as guests but as friends who feel as if at home, in comfort, safety and personal attention.

Our service is first class, since they will be cared for by highly qualified staff, which will make your stay in Cusco-Peru, an unforgettable experience, hoping that the care you receive, it becomes a recommendation for a friend, family member or interested person, in visiting our beautiful city of Cusco.

Our viewpoint
Possessions in the market in the whole southern region, through excellence in service and quality, as well as helping our Andean community unconditionally of Cuzco.

Our goal
Achieve preference and satisfaction of our customers, exceeding their expectations for good service, it is distinguished by its warmth and personal attention.

• work.
• Honesty.
• Commitment.
• Respect

• Orientation to customer satisfaction.
• Decisions with responsibility by our employees.
• Address Open.
• Teamwork.
• Productivity.

Welcome to your home ...
welcome to Misters Inkas Exclusive Palace!

Mister Inkas Exclusive Palace
Av. Tullumayu 548 - Plazoleta Limacpampa
PhoneFax: +51 84 231048 MSN: misters_inkas@hotmail.com
Cusco - Perú

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